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MOLYKOTE® G-0010 Grease


NLGI Grade 2 – Mineral oil (MO) based grease with a polyurea thickener and a base oil viscosity of 125 cSt at 40°C


Product Overview

MOLYKOTE® G-0010 is a high-performance, mineral oil (MO)-based grease thickened with a di-urea system for excellent lubrication & protection in a variety of equipment types.  MOLYTKOTE® G-0010 is a multi-purpose lubricant solution that significantly inhibits rust & corrosion formation in heavy-duty applications that experience high levels of shear stress without loss of lubrication.  


MOLYKOTE® G-0010 Multipurpose Bearing Grease is an ideal lubricant solution for a wide range of applications & markets, including but not limited to:
Electric Motors & Bearings
Low-to-High Speed Fan Bearings
Pump Bearings in High Moisture Environments
Large Scale Industrial or Chemical Dryers

Features & Benefits

Robust Temperature Range (-30°C to 170°C)
Excellent Grease Stability & Lubrication at Extreme Pressure
Excellent Corrosion & Rust Prevention
Long-term Shear Stability

Problems Solved

Loss of Lubrication from Shearing Stress
Grease Migration or Failure at Extreme Pressure
Excessive Rust and Corrosion Formation

Product Specifications

Base Oil Viscosity @ 40°C: 125
NLGI Grade: 2
Thickener: Polyurea
Low Temp: -30°C (-20°F)
High Temp: 170°C (339°F)
Color: Green
Base Oil: 125 cSt @ 40°C

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