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MOLYKOTE® MI-60 (USA) Grease


NLGI Grade 1-2 – Polyalphaolefin (PAO) based grease with a lithium soap thickener and solid performance additives. Base oil viscosity 29 cSt at 40°C


Product Overview

MOLYKOTE® MI-60 (USA) Grease is a high-performance synthetic lithium-soap-based lubricant with excellent protection & compatibility for plastic-on-plastic and plastic-on-metal interfaces.   MOLYKOTE® MI-60 (USA) exhibits great lubrication and properties at very low temperatures where traditional lubricants commonly seize or fail.


MOLYKOTE® MI-60 (USA) is well suited for a range of industrial and commercial applications including, but not limited to:
Plastic and Metal Components with Low to Moderate Speeds
Applications that Experience Moderate to Heavy Loads
Safety Steering Wheels
Automotive Actuators
Electric Motors with Plastic Components

Features & Benefits

Great Low Temperature Lubrication performance
Compatible with Common Plastic Types
Low Coefficient of Friction
Silicone Oil Free Formulation
Robust Thermal Stability & Operating Temp Range (-50°C to 150°C)

Product Specifications

Base Oil Viscosity @ 40°C: 29
NLGI Grade: 1-2
Thickener: Lithium
Solid Lubricant: PTFE
Low Temp: -50°C (-58°F)
High Temp: 150°C (302°F)
Color: Yellow
Base Oil: 29 cSt @ 40°C

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