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NLGI Grade 1 – (PAO) Polyalphaolefin-based grease with lithium thickener and solid PTFE and white solids and a base oil viscosity of 90 cSt at 40°C


Product Overview

MOLYKOTE® EM-30L Grease is a premium lubricant solution for a range of lubrication requirements for plastic-on-plastic, plastic-on-metal, and rubber-on-metal surface interfaces.   MOLYKOTE® EM-30L is well suited for slow to medium-fast movement speeds and medium to heavily loaded applications.


MOLYKOTE® EM-30L has a very wide range of suitable applications, including but not limited to:
Automotive Applications
Electrical Appliances with Plastic/Metal Surface Interaction
Precision Equipment 
Audio Systems & Equipment
Home and Office Equipment with Plastic Parts

Features & Benefits

Great Plastic Compatibility
Flexible Application between Varied Plastic & Metal Surfaces
Excellent Lubricant Service Lifespan
Very Low Seepage Levels
Silicone Free Formula

Problems Solved

Non-versatile Greases or Plastic-Metal Incompatibility
High Grease Loss or Seepage
Inferior Lubricant Life Requiring Frequent Relubrication Intervals

Product Specifications

Base Oil Viscosity @ 40°C: 90
NLGI Grade: 1
Thickener: Lithium Soap
Solid Lubricant: PTFE, white solids
Low Temp: -45°C (-49°F)
High Temp; 150°C (302°F)
Color: White
Base Oil: 90 cSt @ 40°C

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