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MOLYKOTE® Lubricants for Mining

Performance Lubrication for Mining

The mining industry demands the highest-performance solutions to ensure long-term reliability and operation.  Heavy-duty machinery, harsh outdoor environments, and the literal effort of moving the earth all contribute their own challenges to running a successful mining operation. Only the most robust products will survive in one of the most difficult industrial applications on the planet. 

Extreme Lubricants for Extreme Conditions 

DuPont manufactures a range of high-performance materials for use in the mining industry including the MOLYKOTE® Performance Lubricants.  This portfolio of fluids and greases is uniquely prepared to face the downtime and repair problems around equipment and excavator maintenance.  Few solutions available today in the mining lubricants market can withstand the challenges in mining operations. 

  • Protection from extreme environments
  • Performance under dusty conditions
  • Capacity & stability under heavy load
  • Ability to meet & exceed OEM specifications
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Sustainable & eco-friendly solutions

Mining Equipment Failures 

There are many potential root causes of equipment failure within the mining industry, all of which can be incredibly costly and lead to lengthy repair periods. The most common causes of mining equipment failure are, operator errors, insufficient preventative maintenance cycles, excessive maintenance, and failure to inspect and monitor performance continuously. It is critical to optimize proper maintenance protocols and maintain adequate operator education and training for the operation of complex excavators, trucks, front loaders and more.

Tried, Tested, and True Lubrication 

Any lubrication manager or equipment operator can rest easy — these products have proven performance and are backed by a solid reputation of technical expertise and innovation with the DuPont MOLYKOTE® team. Vastly reduce downtime, increase maintenance cycles, improve inspection pass rates and more by using a trusted MOLYKOTE® product in place of failing mining lubricants.

MOLYKOTE® Lubricants for Mining

Using a MOLYKOTE® lubricant can greatly increase production and operation efficiency without sacrificing performance or breaking the budget.

  • Protection from extreme environments (hot and cold) 
  • Performance in incredibly dusty conditions 
  • Capacity and stability under heavy load 
  • Ability to meet and exceed strict OEM specifications 
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduced product leakage from machine to environment 

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Underground Mining Lubricantion

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