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MOLYKOTE® D-321 R Anti-Friction Coating


Solvent-based, air-cured dry-film lubricant for metal-on-metal surfaces under heavy load and slow speeds

Product Overview

MOLYKOTE® D-321 R Anti-Friction Coating is an easy-to-use air-cured, dry film lubricant engineered for metal-on-metal interfaces in heavily loaded equipment with low to medium speeds. MOLYKOTE® D-321 R Anti-Friction Coating is formulated with solid molybdenum disulfide and graphite to provide excellent resistance against stick-slipping and ageing.

MOLYKOTE® D-321 R also meets or exceeds the strict performance requirements set out in the following specifications: 
  • General Electric: A50TF7: S9, Class C
  • Pratt & Whitney: PWA 36240: L


MOLYKOTE® D-321 R Anti-Friction Coating is a versatile lubricant that can be used in a range of end- applications, including:
Sliding Guides & Glides
Lubrication Under High Vacuum
Cylinderhead Bolts
High Voltage Switches
Gear Wheels
Extreme Temperature Equipment
Toaster Guides
Automotive Mirror Adjustment Motors
High Voltage Electrical Switches
Threaded Connections & Assembly
Wind Turbine Shrink Discs
High-Stress Gear Wheels

Features & Benefits

Rapid Air-Curing Performance
Excellent Stick-Slip Resistance
High Ageing Resistance
Robust Operating Thermal Stability (-180°C to 450°C)

Problems Solved

Difficult or High Energy Secondary Curing Phase
Ineffective Dry-Film Lubricant Coverage or Performance 
Poor Ageing Performance for Dry-film Lubricant 

Product Specifications

Solid Lubricant: MoS2, graphite
Cure Temp: 20°C (68°F)
Low Temp: -180°C (-292°F)
High Temp: 450°C (842°F)
Color: Gray

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