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MOLYKOTE® M Gear Oil Additive

Used primarily as additive for extreme-pressure lubrication in petroleum oils.

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Product Overview

Extreme pressure lubrication additive for petroleum oils


Gears at slow speeds and extreme pressures; Oil Lubricated plane bearings; slides, screw, servo mechanisms, transmission and power-feed systems; Common metal working applications like broaching, tapping, cutting, stamping, punching, drawing, thread rolling and cold heading.

Features & Benefits

High load carrying capacity at slow speeds; compatible with most gear oils, and resists foaming.  


  • smoother surface finish of new or reworded gears.
  • Healing of tooth surface damage with reduction of pitting and wear debris
  • lower operation temperature, reduced noise and reduce power usage
  • longer service life


  • reduced wear at slow speeds and extreme pressures

Machine Tools

  • minimize stick-slip
  • smooth sction

Metal Working

  • increased tool life through reduced friction and  heat
  • reduced force required due to improvd cutting action
  • better surface finish

Product Specifications

Solid Lubricant: MoS2
Low Temp: -18
High Temp: 121
Color: Black

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