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MOLYKOTE® L-4640 Synthetic Compressor Flush Fluid

A diester compressor flush fluid that ranges from 32 - 46 cSt and contains a rust, oxidation, and corrosion inhibited additive package.

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Product Overview

MOLYKOTE® compressor and vacuum pump fluids are formulated to meet or exceed the performance of all comparable OEM fill products. MOLYKOTE® offers solutions for a variety of applications and equipment including rotary and reciprocating equipment, screw, vise, centrifugal and piston compressors and vacuum pumps and blowers. DuPont supports oil analysis to ensure that the right product is used for each application and that product and equipment life and performance is maximized.


Recommended flush fluid for transistions between different chemistries, also recommend for system refills.

Features & Benefits

Versatile flush fluid iintended to be used on rotary screw compressors that are unvarnished or have the presence of varnish and utilize mineral oils, polyalphaolefins, polyalkylene glycols, or diester oils.

Product Specifications

Base Oil Viscosity @ 40C: 38.6
Iso Viscoscity Grade: 32-46
Viscosity Index: 65
Color: Clear to Golden Yellow
Base Oil: 38.6 cSt @ 40 C

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