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MOLYKOTE® L-4640 Synthetic Compressor Flush Fluid


ISO 32-46 – H2 Certified Diester (DE) based flush fluid for compressor systems and enhanced with rust and oxidation performance additives

Product Overview

MOLYKOTE® L-4640 Compressor Flush Fluid is a versatile synthetic lubricant engineered for the safe transition between lubricant chemistries and ensuring critical equipment is protected from compatibility concerns or difficulties.  MOLYKOTE® L-4640 is engineered from a high-purity DE (diester) base oil and exhibits excellent chemical and thermal stability.


MOLYKOTE® L-4640 is designed as a flush fluid for system transitions from one chemistry to another and is well suited for system refills in rotary screw compressors.

Features & Benefits

Excellent Varnish Control
Great Chemical Stability and Compatibility
Excellent Thermal Stability
NSF H2 Certified Performance

Problems Solved

Compatibility Concerns and Reactivity Between Lubricant Chemistries
Unplanned Maintenance Cycles from Incompatible Lubricant Mixing

Product Specifications

Base Oil Viscosity @ 40°C: 38.6
Iso Viscoscity Grade: 32-46
Viscosity Index: 65
Color: Clear to Golden Yellow
Base Oil: 38.6 cSt @ 40°C

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