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MOLYKOTE® 3099 HVIC Compound


Silicone-based NLGI Grade 2-3 compound with arc-resistant filler and silica thickener for long term electrical insulator protection


Product Overview

MOLYKOTE® 3099 HVIC (high voltage insulator coating) Compound is a high performance, grease-like compound engineered for long-term protection of electrical insulators and contacts.  MOLYKOTE® 3099 HVIC exhibits excellent resistance to water and UV light exposure where conventional silicone products may degrade and fail. MOLYKOTE® 3099 HVIC Compound is engineered to resist arcing and significantly outperforms traditional compound chemistries when exposed to surface arcs.


MOLYKOTE® 3099 HVIC Compound provides exceptional long term electrical resistance and protection in a wide range of electrical insulator and connector applications. 
It is recommended to apply MOLYKOTE® 3099 HVIC Compound in a layer between 1/16” and 1/8” thick and can be applied via airless sprayer, by hand, with a cloth pad, or bristle brush.

Features & Benefits

Easy to Apply without Messy Stringing
Great Surface Adhesion
Resistant to Water Filming or Washout
Great Flashover Resistance
Increased Safety with Arc Reduction
Non-Tracking Performance
Provides Extended Operational Life Even with Prolonged Exposure to:
High Voltage Corona Stress
Ultra-Violet Light
Particulate Contamination
Erosion from Water

Problems Solved

Excessive Electrical Arcing or Flashover
Inadequate Electrical Compound Protection
Compound Loss from Water Wash off or Solubilization

Product Specifications

NLGI Grade:2-3
Thickener: Silica
Color: Gray Opaque
Specific Gravity at 25°C: 1.3
Dielectric Constant (ASTM D150)
at 100 Hz: 3.88
at 1,000 Hz: 3.86
Dissipation Factor (ASTM D150)
at 100 Hz: 0.0148
at 1,000 Hz: 0.0066 

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