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MOLYKOTE® High Vacuum Grease


NLGI Grade 3-4 – Silicone-based grease-like compound with an inorganic thickener for sealing high pressure & vacuum systems


Product Overview

MOLYKOTE® High Vacuum Grease is a premium lubricant solution formulated from a high purity silicone oil and exhibiting a very low volatility.  MOLYKOTE® High Vacuum Grease is engineered for use in plastic-on-metal or rubber-on-metal components with excellent resistance for chemicals, water and extreme temperature exposure.



MOLYKOTE® High Vacuum Grease has a wide array of lubricating applications, including:
Pressure Plug and Control Valves
Water Softener Discs and Faucet Connections
Vacuum or Pressure System Seals
Seals and Valves in Harsh Chemical Processing
Meters or Electrical Service Connections
Rubber and Plastic O-Ring, Gasket & Seal Lubrication

Features & Benefits

Good Chemical Resistivity
Broad Operating Temperature Stability
Low Volatility
Low Vapor Pressure
Meets Performance Requirements for FDA 21 CFR 175.300
Non-melting Performance

Problems Solved

Lubricant Loss from Chemical Solubility
Melting Lubricants or High Levels of Oil Evaporation

Product Specifications

NLGI Grade: 3-4
Thickener: Silica
Low Temp: -40°C (-40°F)
High Temp: 204°C (399°F)
Color: Translucent White
Melting Point: None 

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