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MOLYKOTE® 112 High Performance Lube/Sealant

NLGI Grade 3, translucent white, used primarily as a general purpose valve lubricant with high mechanical shear stability and high temperature range.

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Product Overview

Provides a noncuring moisture barrier; high dielectric strength; moisture and ozone resistance; good thermal, oxidation and chemical stability. Higher operating temperature range and improved mechanical stability. It is thermally stable, non-melting, low volatility, and is resistant to oil, water, alkalis, dilute acids, and most chemicals.


Lubricating plug, sanitary, gate, ball, butterfly and automated valves, pump packings, rubber and plastic O-rings; sealing vacuum and pressure systems (especially equipment subjected to washing and harsh environments); damping medium for dash pots in electrical equipment.

Features & Benefits

Offers excellent protection from water washout, while being resistant to most chemicals.

Product Specifications

NLGI Grade: 3
Thickener: Silica 
Low Temp: -40
High Temp: 232
Color: Translucent White

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