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Multi-purpose solid molybdenum disulfide (MOS2) powder used as a dry burnished lubricant or performance additive


Product Overview

MOLYKOTE® Z Powder is a high-quality solid moly (molybdenum disulfide, MOS2) powder that provides extreme pressure and oxidative resistance in a range of lubrication requirements.  MOLYKOTE® Z Powder is manufactured as a charcoal-black, free-flowing powder with uniform particle size of 3-4 µm.  MOLYKOTE® Z Powder exhibits an incredibly broad service temperature range between -301°F to 752°F.


MOLYKOTE® Z Powder is a high performance, multi-purpose solid lubricant that can be utilized in a range of applications requiring high levels of extreme pressure (EP), antiwear (AW), and oxidation prevention, including but not limited to:
Metallic Components as a Dry-Burnished Lubricating Film
Performance Additive for Self-Lubricating Plastics
Metalworking Fluid or Coolant Additive
Brake Lining Additive
Running-in Aid for Press Fittings
Equipment with Heavy Loads and Slow Movement Speeds 

Features & Benefits

Excellent Lubricating Performance & Protection
Reduction in Surface Friction
Great Wear & Damage Prevention
Robust Thermal Stability at Extreme Low and High Temperatures
Excellent Extreme Pressure Capability

Problems Solved

High Levels of Surface Damage or Scarring
Decreased Equipment or Tool Life from Wear
Dry Lubricant Failure at Extreme Temperatures

Product Specifications

Solid Lubricant: MoS2
Low Temp: -185°C (-301°F)
High Temp: 400 °C (752°F) 
High Temperature in vacuum: 1,100 °C (2,012°F)
Color: Charcoal-Black
Bulk Density (powder): 1.3 g/cm³

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