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MOLYKOTE® 316 Silicone Release Spray


Aerosol spray silicone-based anti-sticking compound dispersed in petroleum distillate for exceptional friction reduction on a variety of surfaces


Product Overview

MOLYKOTE® 316 Silicone Release Spray is an easy-to-apply, multipurpose anti-sticking agent with exceptional thermal stability and longevity.  MOLYKOTE® 316 exhibits high oxidative stability and the dried coating has very low inherent volatility in environments up to 199°C (390°F).  MOLYKOTE® 316 Silicone Release Spray provides a long-term coating that easily resists build up, retention or sticking that can be undesirable in many processes and equipment types. 


MOLYKOTE® 316 Silicone Release Spray has a truly staggering number of applications, including, but not limited to:
Containers for Glue or Adhesive
Surfaces and Tables where Friction is Undesired
Cutting Edges of Tools and Sawblades
Chutes and Rollers
Food & Beverage Processing Equipment
  • Heat seal bars, packaging equipment, evaporator tubes, preheated systems, heating coils, cooking vessels, conveyor guides and rails, freezer trays, cold storage shelves, dispensing nozzles, and chutes.
Rotary Letterpress Printing
  • Tail sheets, saw blades, table surfaces, storage trays, conveyor guides and rails, pulley systems and cables, valves, and fittings.
Magazine and Book Bindery Processes
  • Glue pots, paste jars, cutter tables and surfaces.

Features & Benefits

Easy to Apply Packaging
Meets Performance Requirements of FDA 21 CFR 175.300
Prevents Surface Build-Up Formation
Rapid Drying Time (3 minutes)
Extended-Term Coating Lifespan

Problems Solved

Excessive Surface Sticking or Clogging
High Levels of Surface Build-Up or Gummy Formation
High Cutting Tool Wear from Excessive Friction

Product Specifications

Thickener: Silica
Low Temp: -40°C (-40°F)
High Temp: 199°C (390°F)
Color: Clear

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