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MOLYKOTE® G-Rapid Plus Spray

Aerosol Spray mineral oil-based anti-seize paste with solid lubricants including molybdenum disulfide, graphite and white solids for assembly and run-in


Product Overview

MOLYKOTE® G-Rapid Plus Spray is a premium anti-seize lubricant for metallic components and fittings subject to extreme pressure and low to moderate movements.  MOLYKOTE® G-Rapid Plus Spray is formulated from a high-quality mineral oil and supplemented with solid lubricants like molybdenum disulfide, graphite, and white solids for improved extreme pressure and corrosion inhibition performance.  MOLYKOTE® G-Rapid Plus Spray provides an easy-to-use spray can package for pinpoint surface coverage and spot re-lubrication on the go.


MOLYKOTE® G-Rapid Plus Spray is a versatile lubricant solution for a wide range of equipment types and applications, including:
Running-In Lubricant for New or Re-assembled Equipment
Permanent Lubrication in Mechanical Components with Intermittent Movement
Threaded Spindles
Splined Shafts
Tooth or Worm Gears
Fittings and Joints
Pump Systems
Sliding Guides on Machining Tools
Wind Turbine Shrink Discs
Roller Element and Ball Bearings
Wheel Flanges and Bolts
Metalworking Drilling, Sawing and Thread Cutting

Features & Benefits

Easy to Use Spray Can Package
Very Low Coefficient of Friction
Protects from Seizure and Stick-Slip Occurrence
Good Extreme Pressure Capability
Excellent Anti-wear Performance
Provides Easy Assembly/Disassembly
Great Surface Coverage Performance
Prevents Fretting Corrosion and Rust
Broad Operating Service Temperature Range (-35°C to 450°C)

Problems Solved

Excessive Seizure in Threaded Connections or Metal Components
High Levels of Surface Damage or Scoring in High Pressure Equipment
Noise Generation and Wear from Stick-Slipping

Product Specifications

Solid Lubricant: MoS2, graphite, white solids
Low Temp: -35°C (-31°F)
High Temp: 400°C (842°F)
Color: Black

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