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MOLYKOTE® G-Rapid Plus Spray

Aerosol Form: A mineral oil based anti-seize paste formulated with solid lubricants such as molybdenum disulfide, graphite, and white solids.

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Product Overview

Solid lubricating paste with particularly low friction coefficient for assembly and running-in of metal components.


Suitable for the press-fit production of all types of machine elements, as a running-in lubricant for new machines and gears, as permanent lubrication of machine elements which are submitted to slight or intermittent movement only, as well as for drilling, sawing and thread-cutting; Used to lubricate threaded spindles, splined shafts, tooth gearing, worm gearing, moving screws, fittings, pumps, guides on machine tools, as well as for fitting of ball and roller bearings, pulleys, wheel flanges and bolts.

Features & Benefits

Low friction coefficient.
High pressure-absorption capacity.
Prevents seizure and scoring.
Suppresses stick-slip.
Reduces formation of fretting corrosion.
Facilitates disassembly.
Good coverage.
Provides emergency running performance.

Product Specifications

Solid Lubricant: MoS2, graphite, white solids
Low Temp: -35
High Temp: 400
Color: Black

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