MOLYKOTE® L-1428 High Temperature Chain Oil

MOLYKOTE® Gearbox and Chain Oils help prevent wear and process interruptions in power transmission systems and components. Compared to conventional oils, they also offer greater resistance to oxidation and stable performance at high temperatures and under high loads. MOLYKOTE® Gearbox and Oils maximize fill intervals and maintain viscosity characteristics at wide temperature ranges.

Key Properties

POE/PB blended high temperature chain oil that contains a rust, oxidation, anti-wear, and corrosion inhibited additive package.


Intended for use in high temperature chain applications and suitable for use in high temperature bearing applications. 

Features & Benefits

• Lower overall maintenance costs
• Wider temperature range
• Longer oil-drain intervals
• Reduced lubricant consumption
• Extended equipment lifetime
• Reduced energy consumption
• Long life reduces lubricant usage,
maintenance cost

Product Details

Product Type: Oil
Chemistry: Ester; Polyisobutene (PIB)
Base Oil Viscosity: 285 @ 40°C
Viscosity Index: 110
Color: Clear to Golden Yellow

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