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MOLYKOTE® For Metal Manufacturing

MOLYKOTE® for Metal Manufacturing

Manufacturing demands are getting increasingly stricter, and consumer expectations are even more so. The MOLYKOTE® team has been engineering solutions to maximize efficiency, extend equipment life, and protect and lubricate finished parts for nearly 100 years. Enhance your manufacturing with MOLYKOTE® today.

Dry Film Lubricants and Metal Parts Manufacturing

Dry lubrication or solid film lubricant coatings can be found on a wide array of commercial and consumer parts and components. Rather than use a liquid or an oil to help provide lubrication, a manufacturing company can apply a dry film lubricant or antifriction coating to protect surfaces from corrosion, galling, and wear for the long term.

Applying a dry film lubricant coating during the manufacturing process yields benefits for protecting finished custom parts during storage and shipment before final installation or assembly. It also provides a slick and attractive surface finish associated with premier fabrication companies.

The Coating Process with MOLYKOTE® AFCs

The dry film lubricant performance from MOLYKOTE® antifriction coatings can help take your manufacturing to the next level. The AFC application is very similar to a powder coating process. The substrate in question is pretreated to ensure a prepared, clean, and dry surface, at which point the antifriction coating is applied to the piece via spray, brushing, or other common application method. Afterward, the piece is cured at either room temperature or higher to ensure adequate and nearly permanent adhesion. The finished product is then imparted with corrosion protection, significantly decreased friction, and enhanced wear resistance.

Why Use a MOLYKOTE® AFC in Metal Fabrication? 

MOLYKOTE® antifriction coating lubricant solutions provide a wide range of performance features that make them ideal for maintenance-free protection on finished metal components. For parts and components manufactured by a CNC machine or through other metal fabrication methods, the antifriction coatings act as a semipermanent dry film lubricant to protect and preserve surface integrity.

The DuPont MOLYKOTE® AFCs also provide a range of additional lubricant benefits, including but not limited to: 
  • Dust, dirt, and moisture resistance
  • Rust prevention 
  • Non-flammable & non-staining protection
  • Lifetime lubrication potential
  • Stay-in place performance, unlike conventional oil solutions 

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