Your Markets

Harsh conditions, critical equipment and complicated regulatory requirements. These are some of the challenges you face everyday in your market. We are here to simplify your lubricant selection, helping to provide reliability and long-term performance.

MOLYKOTE® specialty lubricants have been trusted by engineers and maintenance professional for over 65 years to solve lubrication problems and to help you improve reliability, extend equipment life and prevent costly down-time. Utilize our expertise to help you find solutions that meet the unique challenges of your market.

Chemical and Petrochemical

Get the right reliability solutions for Chemical and Petrochemical processing

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Energy and Utilities

Secure dependability with service-saving solutions for Energy Generation, Transmission and Distribution

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Facility Infrastructure

Build and maintain quality with lasting solutions for Facility Infrastructure

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Food and Beverage

Gain efficiency with certified solutions for Food and Beverage Machinery

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Heavy Industries

Drive away downtime with hard-working solutions for Heavy Industry

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Home Equipment and Appliances

Design in reliability and increase efficiency with solutions for Appliances, Power Tools and Other Consumer Products

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Industrial Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

Proven, effective materials can help deliver quality and lasting results

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Oil and Gas

Improve reliability with effective solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

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Water Management

Process savings with approved service solutions for Water Management

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We Can Help

ChemPoint has chemists and engineers with experience and market expertise to help you find the right solution. We are ready to work with you to understand your environment and help define your lubrication requirements.


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