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Polyalkylene glycol (PAG) based anti-seize paste with solid molybdenum disulfide lubricants for excellent high-load stability & protection


Product Overview

MOLYKOTE® U Paste is a high performance, synthetic PAG (polyakylene glycol) based anti-seize paste solution with solid molybdenum disulfide (MOS2) for highly loaded equipment.  MOLYKOTE® U Paste exhibits excellent thermal stability and is compatible with most natural and synthetic rubbers, although compatibility testing is recommended prior to use.  MOLYKOTE® U Paste helps reduce surface wear and seizure, and helps extend equipment operational life compared to conventional lubricant solutions.   


MOLYKOTE® U Paste can be used for a wide variety of run-in or permanent lubrication in applications including:
Dry Lubrication for Low-speed Bearings
Slideways and Joints at High Temperatures
Roller Element and Sliding Bearings
Foundry Ladles and Converter Bearings in Steel Forging Facilities
Conveyors and Driving Roller Systems
O-ring Lubrication that are not resistant to Mineral Oils
Lip Seals
Shafts and Packings
Compressor and Pump Systems

Features & Benefits

Excellent Dry Lubrication Performance up to 450°C
Great Friction & Wear Protection
Low Friction Coefficient
Great Heavy Load Capability & Stability
High Compatibility with Most Natural & Synthetic Elastomers & Plastics

Problems Solved

Poor Thermal Stability or Melting Lubricant Pastes
High Friction & Wear Damage on Sliding Metal Components

Product Specifications

Solid Lubricant: Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2)
Low Temp: -40°C (-40°F)
High Temp: 180°C (356°F)
Color: Gray-Black
Density at 20°C: 1.92 g/cm³
NLGI Grade: 1-2


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History of MOLYKOTE™

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