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Mineral and synthetic oil based anti-seize paste with solid lubricants for protection under heavy load – primarily used as chuck paste


Product Overview

MOLYKOTE® TP-42 Paste is a high performance anti-seize lubricant solution formulated with a blend of mineral and synthetic base oils, a lithium soap thickener system, and solid lubricants for enhanced high-load capacity and corrosion protection.  MOLYKOTE® TP-42 exhibits excellent surface adhesion for sliding metal surfaces and extended lubricant lifespan under heavy loaded operation.


MOLYKOTE® TP-42 Paste is engineered for use in a wide range of equipment and application types, including:
Chuck Lubrication in Metal Processing Machines
Clamping Mechanical Elements
Sliding Metal Surfaces with Heavy Loads
Equipment with High Water & Machine Coolant/Lubricant Exposure

Features & Benefits

Great High-Load Stability
Excellent Adhesion Performance
Stay in Place Performance, Resists Water & Machining Fluid Emulsions
Reduction in Stick-Slip Occurrences
Great Corrosion & Rust Prevention
Protects Against Metal Component Galling or Fretting

Problems Solved

High Loss of Lubricant Paste from Water or Metalworking Fluid
Poor Paste Surface Adhesion Performance
High Levels of Stick-Slipping and Friction

Product Specifications

Solid Lubricant: White Solids
Low Temp: -25°C (-13°F)
High Temp: 250°C (482°F)
Color: Light beige
Density at 20°C: 1.19 g/ml
Drop Point: 125°C

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