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Performance Lubrication for Oil & Gas

Performance Lubrication for Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas Industry help drive the modern world and MOLYKOTE® Lubricants help drive the Oil & Gas Industry.  These performance lubricants deliver exceptional performance under incredibly difficult conditions, find the right solution for your application below.

Protect & Lubricate

The Oil & Gas industry requires high performance lubricant solutions for a broad range of heavy loaded equipment and complex processes.  It's critical to ensure maximized operation within the entire facility, as any downtime can be incredibly costly. From compressor to pump and everything inbetween quality lubricants are used to ensure safe & productive operation. 

Why Use a MOLYKOTE® Performance Lubricant? 

The wide portfolio of solutions within the MOLYKOTE® product family allow for a solution for nearly any type of equipment or requirement.  From high quality synthetic compressor oils to specialty chemical resistant grease each aspect of the pipeline or refinery process can be lubricated for optimum protection and maximized efficiency. The MOLYKOTE® lubricants also exhibit exceptional thermal stability, even when subject to the demanding extreme temperatures within the industry, and can be used for both indoor & outdoor use. 

The MOLYKOTE® lubricants also deliver premier stability when exposed to harsh or reactive chemistries common throughout the industry like fuels, solvents and other corrosive chemistries.  But the most important aspect of using the MOLYKOTE® product families is the potential to extend maintenance & drain intervals across a wide array of compressors, pumps, valves & more. Saving you precious time and money and reducing the risk of unscheduled downtime. 

MOLYKOTE® Lubricant Solutions for Oil & Gas

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