Heavy Industries

Drive away downtime with hard-working solutions for Heavy Industry

Heavy Industries

Heavy Industry equipment face some of the most severe and demanding operational environments. Under heavy loads, at high and low speeds, hot, cold, while covered in dust and abrasives, solutions need to deliver. Eliminate downtime, improve efficiency and protect your investment with Molykote™ specialty lubricants. Proven solutions include:

  • Synthetic greases fortified with solid lubricants to perform under extreme pressures
  • Dry film anti-friction coatings for lasting lubrication and enhanced corrosion protection on difficult to access components
  • Durable silicone compounds to provide lubrication with good dielectric strength for electrical equipment

We Can Help

ChemPoint has chemists and engineers with experience and market expertise to help you find the right solution. We are ready to work with you to understand your environment and help define your lubrication requirements.