Chemical and Petrochemical

Get the right reliability solutions for Chemical and Petrochemical processing

Chemical and Petrochemical

Chemical and Petrochemical manufacturing plants have strenuous requirements for dependability and up time. They face extreme challenges like around-the-clock operation, extreme temperatures, occupational and environmental safety concerns, and potential contamination.  Even with these challenges, plant managers and maintenance staff are tasked with maximizing output.

MOLYKOTE® lubricants can help you secure added process dependability with solutions that are:

  • Safe, non-reactive and non-flammable for equipment handling reactive chemicals
  • Compatible with O-ring, sealing and gasket elastomers and plastics
  • Provide durable lubricant performance for valves, fans, pumps, agitators, mixers, compressors, reactors and centrifuges

Cody Gilje

Product Expert Profile:

Cody Gilje

Cody joined ChemPoint in 2016, and is an Industry Representative. Cody first joined ChemPoint as a service specialist and closely supported the MRO team. He specializes in valves, actuators, chillers, and pumps, and chemical manufacturing.

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