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High Performance Multiuse Grease (HPM)

MOLYKOTE® "101" - HPM Specification

NLGI has been hard at work to establish a baseline for the next generation of performance lubrication.  The HPM (High Performance Multiuse) specification is the future of greases and will be the go-to solution for a range of lubrication requirements.

MOLYKOTE® "101" - High Performance Multiuse Greases 

Greases make the industrial world "go-round" and provide protection to critical, bearing, gear, and sliding components in a broad range of equipment types. However, it wasn't until November 2020 that the NLGI (National Lubricating Grease Institute) created a baseline for "challenging, but achievable" top-tier lubricant performance - the High Performance Multiuse or HPM Specification. 
In the 101-style webinar recording below, the DuPont team behind the MOLYKOTE® Performance Products break down the basics of proper grease lubrication, selection, and the performance standards under the new Multipurpose Grease specification. 

Want to learn more? Listen to DuPont's Podcase "Certified Greases Advance Asset Reliability"

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HPM Performance Classifications 

There are a few distinct levels of performance under the HPM grease specification, and each classification delivers specialty performance for truly challenging applications. The base-level of performance is met under the "Core" grease specification, which encompasses seven common testing methods under the GC-LB specification - and include water washout, cone penetration, elastomer compatibility, oil separation, 4-ball wear, 4-ball EP and corrosion prevention.
There are 4 additional certification tags that provide additional grease performance in extreme applications and environments. HPM+WR for enhanced water resistance, HPM+CR for salt water corrosion resistance, HPM+HL for extreme high loads, and HPM+LT for incredibly low temperature operation.

NLGI HPM Performance Classifications 

Corrosion Resistance

The HPM+CR specification requires exceptional performance in environments with high humidity or salt-water exposure.  Grease that meets the HPM+CR certification must pass the following test methods:

  • ASTM D5969 Saltwater Rust
  • ASTM D6143 EMCOR Rust twice, under 100% synthetic sea-water and under a solution of 0.5N NaCL

Low Temperature

The HPM+LT specification requires grease performance in incredibly low temperature environments.  Grease that meets the HPM+LT certification must pass the following test methods: 

  • ASTM D1478 Low Temperature Torque of Ball Bearing Grease in extremes colder than -20°C

Water Resistance

The HPM+WR specification requires exceptional performance in wet environments with the potential for direct water spray or washoff. Grease that meets the HPM+WR certification must pass the following test methods:

  • ASTM D1264 Water Washout with stricter failure limits
  • ASTM D4049 Water Spray Off
  • ASTM D8022 Wet Roll Stability

High Loads

The HPM+HL specification requires incredible grease stability & performance under extreme heavy loads. Grease that meets the HPM+HL certification must pass the following test methods:

  • ASTM D2266/ASTM D4049 4-Ball Wear and 4-Ball EP with stricter failure limits
  • ASTM D5706/ASTM D7594 Extreme Pressure Properties and Fretting Wear by SRV machine
  • ASTM D4170 Fretting Wear by FAFNIR test

Each of these additional NLGI HPM "luggage tags" or specification tags can be added separately, or in combination with each other.  For example a grease can meet the HPM+WR+LT performance requirements for resistance & stability benchmarks.  Lubricant manufacturers face a demanding challenge to meet or exceed the performance standards laid out by these HPM testing standards. 

MOLYKOTE® HPM Grease Solutions

MOLYKOTE® Multilub Synthetic High Performance Grease

This grease meets the incredibly strict performance requirements under NLGI HPM+LT, for high performance multi-use grease at extreme low temperature operation. 

Base Oil Synthetic Hydrocarbon Oil
NLGI Grade 2
Low Temp -58°F (-50°C)
High Temp 302°C (150°C)
Performance Additives Extreme Pressure (EP)
Corrosion Inhibitors (CI)

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