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MOLYKOTE® 3451 Bearing Grease Enhances Circuit Breakers

What Is MOLYKOTE®  3451 Grease?

MOLYKOTE® breaker lubrication technology from DuPont improves the performance and reliability of high-voltage circuit breakers.  MOLYKOTE® 3451 can help to prevent circuit damage and prevents costly power outages. 
MOLYKOTE® 3451 Chemical-Resistant Bearing Grease is a synthetic fluorosilicone oil thickened with PTFE. This conductive grease promotes the lubrication of breaker bearing parts, reduces failure rates, and helps avoid equipment damage and circuit disruptions that can significantly impact customer service and finances. MOLYKOTE® breaker lubrication is also proven to effectively eliminate corrosion and prevent corrosive buildup.

MOLYKOTE® is compatible with most types of seals, gaskets, and packings. It can also help extend maintenance intervals and reduce inconvenient blackouts as it is highly resistant to water, fuel, oil, and solvent washout. In addition, power circuit breakers will require less maintenance and infrequent grease change out, extending the life of new circuit breakers in harsh and unforgiving environments where evaporation and oxidation occur

Why Do Circuit Breakers Fail?

A few common causes of electrical failures and circuit breaker trips are inadequate lubrication, wear, corrosion, and sludge buildup. Some common issues associated with failures are coil burnouts and fluid performance breakdown in extreme and fluctuating environments. These blackouts or brownouts are not only costly to the electrical companies but also greatly impact customers who rely heavily on systems to perform as expected.

How to Prevent Electrical Failures

There is a simple way to eliminate many of these electrical system failures, specifically synthetic fluorosilicone grease applied to breaker bearings can help reduce electrical collapses significantly and improve equipment reliability. MOLYKOTE® 3451 breaker lube lasts longer than other oil types and greases in similar harsh environments. It is proven effective in preventing machinery and part damage, extending maintenance intervals, and reducing electrical power outages. 
This fluorosilicone lubricant grease can extend circuit breaker maintenance intervals by 20 years or more and reduce problems and costs associated with slow trip times or trip failures. Utilizing MOLYKOTE® 3451 Chemical-Resistant Bearing Grease can help maintain proper trip times and avoid trip-coil burnout, saving time, preventing high costs, and ensuring the longevity of company materials. MOLYKOTE® circuit lubricant is reliable and performs excellently in even the most aggressive environments where heavy loads and fluctuating temperatures occur daily.

This lubricant also maintains pristine circuit breaker mechanisms, allowing peace of mind when it comes to breaker performance and limiting the need to replace breakers frequently. In addition, MOLYKOTE® 3451 is resistant to deterioration by solvents, acids, chlorides, and other severe chemicals, as well as low-pressure steam and condensation, making it an ideal solution in the electric power industry

Problems Solved

In electrical utilities, like circuit-breaker maintenance strategies, MOLYKOTE® 3451 Chemical-Resistant Bearing Grease can provide longevity of operating mechanisms and eliminate costly and detrimental circuit failures.

  • Short lubricant life in harsh environments

  • Low resistance to oxidation and drying out

  • Sludge or varnish buildup

  • Frequent power loss


Superior wear and corrosion protection
Reliability under heavy loads, extreme heat and cold, and intermittent operation
Extended maintenance intervals
Better lubrication
Longer fluid life
Lower associated costs
Provides superior resistance to most chemicals
Highly compatible with most gaskets, seals, and packings


Processing equipment
Needle bearings in circuit breakers
Fuel- and solvent-handling machinery 

Sizing Options Are Available to Fit Electrical Requirements

MOLYKOTE® 3451circuit grease is available in a few different sizes: 85 g tubes, 550 g cartridges, 4.5 kg pails, and 18.1 kg pails.

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