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Synthetic Chain Oil Resolves Frozen-Food Plant Dilemma

Frozen Grease is not Cool 

Corroded chains and link blockages can be detrimental , so protect your chain components from sticking and rusting with MOLYKOTE®. It is the ideal reliable lubricant for ensuring smooth conveyer performace and operation. 


Lubrication of a conveyor chain in a frozen-food plant.


A U.S. frozen food Manufacturer was experiencing problems with the conveyor chain inside its -18°C (0°F) processing freezer. They noted a high degree of chain skipping, due to sticking linkages. In addition, the presence of rust and corrosion was also apparent. They determined the tacky adhesive in the conventional lubricant was causing oil thickening at the low temperature. This adherently prevented the necessary lubrication of components within the conveyor. It was also determined that the conventional adhesive had not been approved for food processing applications. 

The conventional chain oil being used contained an added tackifying agent, which was supposed to ensure adherence of the oil to all surfaces of the chain.  However, the tackifier acted as a thickening agent and increased the oil’s fluid nature. When compounds thickening it can result in blockage in certain locations of the lubricant. The blockage prevented the movement of the protective oil film to the chain components. Thickening and blockage lead to unprotected chains causing rust. The rust and corrosion typically lead to sticking of the chain linkages, causing turbulent and unreliable movements on the conveyer. This in turn reduces efficiency and increases energy consumption.


DuPont's Chain Oil lubricant, formulated with anti-wear additives and a versatile tackifier was the cost effective solution for creating proper lubrication for internal chain surfaces. Unlike the conventional oil this tackifier remained fluid and did not thicken the oil even at the required freezer’s operating temperatures. This is because the oil is reliably able to maintain its designed viscosity during the course of its usage due to its synthetic nature, ensuring that proper oil coverage exist at all times even in  -18°C (0°F) conditions. It resolved the issue of chain linkages from sticking, and protected all chain components from rusting and ensured smooth conveyer operation. MOLYKOTE® L-1468FM synthetic lubricant oil is manufactured  by combining smaller molecular “building blocks” to meet targeted performance specifications as well as to minimize impurities. It is suitable for most additives to increase lubrication performance. In addition, it also meets USDA requirements and is applicable to meat and poultry plants qualifying it for direct food contact under FDA regulations. 

Overall, this new custom-blended polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic oil was able to provide excellent lubrication at high and low temperatures, reduce volatility and was more compatible with their equipment and specific application requirements. The synthetic oil was able to eliminated the turbulent motion caused by chain rusting, since the film strength of MOLYKOTE® was superior to that of the conventional chain oils. With occasional reapplication, the new oil continued to protect and be a reliable solution for the Frozen Meal Manufacturer for many years. 

Why MOLYKOTE® L-1468FM is the best solution for Food Processing Plants


• Adherence to regulatory standards   
• More reliable lubrication at high and low temperatures • Longer chain life • Reduce use of lubricant 

• Simplify record-keeping for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) • Maintain better conveyor performance • Extend interval between application of lubricant

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