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MOLYKOTE® M-77 Paste Improves EV Noise

Ev's or electric vehicles are the future of transportation and MOLYKOTE® M-77 paste has proven to be the superior option for OEM battery manufacturers. MOLYKOTE® M-77 paste prevents common NVH in electric vehicles making for a more comfortable and quiet ride. 

EV Application

As the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) continues to grow, automotive OEM battery manufacturers must continue to meet and exceed the needs of the expanding market. Battery manufacturers strive to provide lightweight and compact solutions to achieve greater vehicle energy performance while reducing costs. One path to accomplishing these EV objectives is to perform cell-to-pack, or bonding single cells directly to cooling plates, eliminating the need for a lithium battery module shell.

However, fulfilling this specific objective proved to be more difficult than anticipated. NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) can be caused by a car's mechanical and electrical systems, creating a very intense and unpleasant driving experience. Similar unforeseen circumstances occurred with this lithium battery application leading to one specialty lubricant becoming a highly utilized resource for many industrial thermal management teams and, more specifically, for the e-mobility industry. 


In China, a battery component provider for an EV manufacturer was experiencing severe vehicle acoustics. The supplier found that the screws connecting the cooling plate to the pack rattled, making for an inferior and uncomfortable drive. It was determined that the issue was caused by a sudden temperature change when starting the battery liquid cooling system. This was detrimental to the manufacturer’s objective to provide a low-cost and more efficient electrical exposition.

The supplier required a solution that would both solve the NVH concern and provide appropriate insulating properties to protect the EV cell components from these extreme temperature changes. They needed a product that would quickly eliminate the noise and vibrations from the vehicle’s lithium-ion battery. 


DuPont's MOLYKOTE® team was highly optimistic they could provide a dielectric coating solution for the OEM battery manufacturer that would permit their cell-to-pack objective and improve overall EV energy performance. The team needed to reduce or eliminate the detrimental vibrations and provide excellent thermic management by the challenging unique thermal necessary energy application while achieving overall excellence. The team tested MOLYKOTE® M-77 paste against other thermal lubricant types to see which could best meet the energy requirements of the electric vehicle battery manufacturer.

During the evaluation, the team found that most thermal lubricants fulfilled only some required automotive module specifications, but only MOLYKOTE® M-77 silicone-based solution exceeded expectations. This silicone oil-based paste significantly reduced the noise while providing the required insulating capabilities. MOLYKOTE® M-77 became the superior thermal lubricant solution that delivered a quiet, comfortable ride. It solved the NVH lithium battery concern for manufacturers and improved the user experience for electric vehicle drivers and passengers. 

Problems Solved

MOLYKOTE® is thermally resistant and formulated with solid lubricants, such as molybdenum disulfide, offering both long-term paste and dry lubrication. MOLYKOTE® also eliminates metal seizures, prevents damage due to grease loss from evaporation, and requires infrequent dielectric paste change out. In addition, it eliminates high corrosion and prevents residue buildup.

It also contains excellent volatilization characteristics and is highly compatible with most elastomer and plastic types, making this lubricant an extremally versatile option for the electric vehicle industry.

MOLYKOTE® thermal lubricants work exceptionally well for low to moderate loads and low speeds that are exposed to water and unpredictable temperatures. It is also suitable for a myriad of applications, including disc brake pistons, battery packs, and brake anchor plates. 

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