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Solvents are typically used in anti-friction coating formulations to hold both solid lubricants and resin binder systems together and to deliver lubricant where it is required for specific applications. Can also be used to thin out existing formulations.

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Product Type Chemistry Base Oil Viscosity Thickener ISO Grade Viscosity Index High Temp Low Temp Details Application Performance Benefit
MOLYKOTE® 7415 Thinner Anti-Friction Coating, Dispersion & Aerosol Solvent Coating
MOLYKOTE® L-4640 Synthetic Compressor Flush Fluid Oil Ester, Solvent 38.6 @ 40°C 32-46 65 Compressors Good Corrosion Protection, Good Oxidation Resistance, High Temperature Performance, Wide Temperature Range
MOLYKOTE® Metal Protector Plus Dispersion & Aerosol Solvent Wax 66°C -40°C Machining; Coating Good Corrosion Protection

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