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In general, noise is sound that is undesirable and part of the solution to minimizing noise in industrial applications may be found in the lubricant used. MOLYKOTE® has products which can help to minimize noise in several ways. Some products may absorb impact and minimizing the vibration while others are clean and free of the foreign particles which may contribute to the noise generation in high speed applications.

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MOLYKOTE® M Gear Oil Additive Dispersion & Aerosol, Oil Mineral Oil MoS2 121°C -18°C Gears, Gear Boxes, Pumps; Plain Bearings, Bushings & Sleeves; Rolling Element Bearings; Slides, Guides & Tracks; Machining High Load Carrying Capability, Low Speed Performance, Low Noise
MOLYKOTE® BG-555 Low Noise Grease Grease Ester 26 @ 40°C Lithium 149°C -40°C 2-3 Rolling Element Bearings Good Corrosion Protection, High Speed Performance, Low Temperature Performance, Wide Temperature Range, Low Noise
MOLYKOTE® EM-50L Grease Grease Polyalphaolefin (PAO) 1050 @ 40°C Lithium 150°C -40°C 1 Gears, Gear Boxes, Pumps; Plastic Lubrication; Rubber & Elastomer Lubrication Good Plastics & Rubber Compatibility, Low Temperature Performance, Low Noise
MOLYKOTE® G-1057 Grease Grease Polyalphaolefin (PAO) Lithium 150°C -50°C 1 Plain Bearings, Bushings & Sleeves; Plastic Lubrication; Power Screw Drives; Rubber & Elastomer Lubrication; Slides, Guides & Tracks Good Plastics & Rubber Compatibility, High Speed Performance, Low Temperature Performance, Low Noise

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