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Parts which are rusted or seized together can benefit from a lubricant which has penetrating features to migrate into the parts and ease disassembly. Other parts which have close tolerances or deep seated lubrication zones also make use of penetrants to help carry lubricants deeper to where the lubricant is required.

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Product Type Chemistry Base Oil Viscosity ISO Grade Viscosity Index Solid Lubricant High Temp Low Temp Details Application Performance Benefit
MOLYKOTE® C-40 High Temperature Chain Lubricant Dispersion & Aerosol, Oil Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG) 134 @ 40°C Graphite 538°C 177°C Chains; Plain Bearings, Bushings & Sleeves; Rolling Element Bearings; Penetrant High Temperature Performance
MOLYKOTE® Food Machinery Oil Spray Dispersion & Aerosol, Oil Mineral Oil 96 @ 40°C 100 102 120°C -10°C Chains; Food Machinery; Gears, Gear Boxes, Pumps; Slides, Guides & Tracks; Penetrant; Coating Good Corrosion Protection, High Load Carrying Capability
MOLYKOTE® L-0501 High Performance Penetrating Lubricant Dispersion & Aerosol Mineral Oil 49°C -29°C Assembly & Run-in; Chains; Gears, Gear Boxes, Pumps; Plain Bearings, Bushings & Sleeves; Slides, Guides & Tracks; Threads, Threaded Connections; Control Cables; Penetrant Good Corrosion Protection, Good Oxidation Resistance, High Wear Resistance

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