White-colored grease paste that combines the benefits of wide operating temperature range with excellent anti-fretting properties.

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Key Properties

A mineral oil based anti-seize paste formulated with solid lubricants such as white solids - used primarily for preventing fretting corrosion.


Assembly and long-term lubrication of metallic components. Sliding surfaces and frictional contacts exposed to heavy loads, requiring “clean” lubrication, especially at low to medium speeds. Used on frictional contacts of electrical and domestic appliances, packaging and office machinery, precision instruments, in textile and plastics processing machinery and for lubrication of components in the automotive industry.

Features & Benefits

Wide service temperature range; High load-carrying capacity; Good water resistance and water wash-out resistance; Excellent protection against galling and fretting corrosion; Prevents stick-slip and seizure.

Product Details

Product Type: Anti-Seize Paste
Chemistry: Mineral Oil
Thickener: Lithium
High Temp: 160°C
Low Temp: -50°C
Color: White
Hazmat: Yes

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