MOLYKOTE® L-0501 High Performance Penetrating Lubricant

MOLYKOTE® L-0501 Lubricant is a multi-purpose penetrating lubricant composed of a petroleum distillate containing a dispersion of antiwear, corrosion inhibitors and oxidation inhibitors.

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Key Properties

Multipurpose, penetrating lubricant containing a dispersion of antiwear, corrosion inhibitors, and oxidation inhibitors.


MOLYKOTE® L-0501 is a multi-purpose penetrating lubricant for loosening rusted parts, stopping squeaks, providing corrosion protection, water displacement, and long term lubrication. Typical applications include: aiding disassembly of parts; lubricating locks, hinges, cranks, sliding doors, tools, chains, cables, switch linkages, knuckles, pins, and pivots.

Features & Benefits

  • Contains antiwear additive for longer-term lubrication than conventional penetrating oils VOC <50%
  • Excellent Corrosion Protection
  • High Performing four ball
  • No Clog Spray
  • Displace water

Product Details

Product Type: Dispersion & Aerosol
Chemistry: Mineral Oil
High Temp: 49°C
Low Temp: -29°C
Color: Translucent Yellow
Hazmat: No

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