MOLYKOTE® C-40 High Temperature Chain Lubricant

MOLYKOTE® C-40 High Temperature Chain Lubricant is a low viscosity fluid dispersion of graphite in synthetic oil. It penetrates inaccessible areas, carrying solid lubricating graphite particles to the point where lubrication films are required. It is designed to lubricate in light to moderate loads at temperatures up to 1000 F.

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Key Properties

A high temperature, PAG based chain lubricant that contains graphite.


MOLYKOTE® C-40 High Temperature Chain Lubricant has been used on a variety of high-temperature lubrication applications, including:  Oven chains – lubricates in a variety of high-temperature ovens, including heat, treating, paint drying, lithographing and gypsum wallboard drying ovens,  Conveyors – lubricates chains, roller bearings and ball bearings in hightemperature, paint-drying tunnels, paperboard driers and heat-treating ovens, Bearings – lubricates oven cart and brick kiln car bearings.

Features & Benefits

Provides high-temperature lubrication from 350 to 1000°F (177 to 538°C). Gives off little smoke or objectionable odors when used in proper amounts. Designed to lubricate in lightly to moderately loaded conditions. Does not build up carbon deposits as readily as most conventional. petroleum chain lubricants. Frequently softens hard carbonaceous deposits caked on from previously used hydrocarbon lubricants, Can be applied manually or with automatic lubrication systems.

Product Details

Product Type: Dispersion & Aerosol ; Oil
Chemistry: Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG)
Base Oil Viscosity: 134 @ 40°C
Solid Lubricant: Graphite
High Temp: 538°C
Low Temp: 177°C
Color: Black
Hazmat: No

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