MOLYKOTE® 557 Silicone Dry Film Lubricant

Extreme-pressure, dry film lubricant.

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Key Properties

Air dry, translucent, silicone-based coating for reduced sticking and temporary wear reduction.


In steel production where it can increase slitter-blade life, resulting in clean, square edges

  • In aluminum production where it can lengthen the life of tools and dies, improve surface finish, lubricate sliding surfaces and surfaces during extruding, deep drawing or spinning.
  • In machine shops where it can improve surface finishes; extend the life of cutting tools, taps, dies, drills, slitters, and forming tools; reduce wear and reduce stick-slip or metal seizure on bearings, slides, cams adjusting screws, guides and ways.
  • For textile, paper and woodworking industries where it can reduce wear and friction and reduce product staining from spinning frames, knives, scissors, punches, chain, conveyors or material-handling equipment.
  • For rubber and plastic industries where it can reduce sticking, pickup or product contamination from handling equipment, knives, conveyors or sliding surfaces.

Features & Benefits

Colorless, nonstaining, remains as wax film after solvent evaporation.  Offers extreme pressure performance

Product Details

Product Type: Dispersion & Aerosol
Chemistry: Silicone
Solid Lubricant: Silicone Wax
High Temp: 43°C
Low Temp: -40°C
Color: Clear
Hazmat: Yes

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