MOLYKOTE® 5 Compound

Grease like material containing an inert amorphoussilica filler in combination with selected dimethyl and phenylmethyl silicone fluids

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Key Properties

NLGI Grade 3, translucent light gray, used primarily for insulators and high current switches given it has the highest dielectric strength.


Protecting transmission insulators, distribution line insulators, power substation bushings, pole top disconnect switches, insulator threads and bolts, service entrance cable, meters.

Features & Benefits

Nonconductive; water repellent; helps prevent formation of conductive paths; long lasting.

Product Details

Product Type: Compound
Chemistry: Silicone
NLGI Grade: 3
Thickener: Silica
High Temp: 232°C
Low Temp: -54°C
Color: Translucent Light Gray
Hazmat: No


12 ea Tube (12x150g): AEROJET: APSP-44499; U S GOVERNMENT: L6520599
18 kg Pail : US GOVERNMENT: L6520599
4 ea Pail (4x3.6kg): US GOVERNMENT: L6520599

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