Molykote™ 1292 Long Life Bearing Grease

For high-temperature use and applications that come in contact with solvents, fuels and water; recommended for rolling element and plain bearings.

Key Properties

NLGI Grade 1-2 - Flourosilicone based grease with a base oil viscosity of 495 cSt at 40 C, polyurea thickened, with no solid lubricants.


Lubricating grease for metal/metal combinations with slow to medium-fast rolling elements movements, medium loads over a wide temperature range.

Features & Benefits

Particularly suitable for long-term lubrication by virtue of its extremely low tendency towards oxidation; High drop point (> 250°C); Consequently reduced risk of melting and run-out from lubrication point; Wide service temperature range; High resistance to water and water wash-out; Resistant to mineral oil, fuels and many chemicals

Product Details

Product Type: Grease
Chemistry: Fluorosilicone
Base Oil Viscosity: 495 @ 40°C
NLGI Grade: 1-2
Thickener: Polyurea
High Temp: 204°C
Low Temp: -40°C
Color: Off White

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